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Important Instructions:

(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 3 Hours and Questions Paper Contains 180 Questions. The Max. Marks are 720.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer is harmful. 



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The concept of genus was proposed by

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Which one of the following branch is applicable to both plants and animals?

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Phylogenetic system of classification was proposed by

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When the oxygen supply to the tissue is inadequate, the condition is

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Aggregates of lymphoid tissue present in the distal portion of the small intestine are known as

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I. On plotting the length of an organ against time, a linear curve is obtained
II. Lt = L0 + rt
III. Following mitotic division, one daughter cell continues to divide while the other differentiate and mature.

Above are the properties of

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Growth of an organism is characterised by

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A plant have 13 hours critical day light under which condition it will flower

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Glycolysis takes place in

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During its formation, bread becomes porous due to release of Carbon dioxide by the action of

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Identify the 5-C compound from the given option

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I. Chlorophyll-a
II. Chlorophyll-b

III. Xanthophyll
IV. Carotenoid

Separate the given pigments into the accessory and main pigments involved during photosynthesis

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Which element is located at the centre of the porphyryin ring in chlorophyll?

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Hydroponics were first time demonstrated in the year

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Cohension and adhension theory, is otherwise called

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Hydroponics is the method of

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A cell dipped in 0.5 M sucrose solution has no effect but when the same will be dipped in 0.5 M NaCl solution, the cell will

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Synapsis occurs between

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Select the correct option with respect to mitosis.

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Chloramphenicol and erythromycin (broad spectrum antibiotics) are produced by


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A patient brought to a hospital with myocardialinfarction is normally immediately given

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Which of the following enzymes helps in crossing plasma membrane?

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Which of the following enzymes has/have haeme as a prosthetic group?
I. Catalase
II. Carboxypeptidase
III. Succinic dehydrogenase
IV. Peroxidase

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Note the following statements.
1. It forms the lining of the cavities of alveoli of the lungs.
2. It forms the lining of wet surface like buccal cavity and oesophagus.
3. It occurs in the ducts of sweat glands.
4. It forms the lining of salivary glands and sweat glands.

Which of the above statements are associated with simple epithelial tissue?

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For capturing the prey frog uses its

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Which statements are correct about guard cells?
I. They are modified ground tissue
II. They are chlorophyllous
III. Its outer wall is thin and inner wall is highly thickened
IV. They regulate stomatal movement for transpiration and gaseous exchange

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Vascular bundle without cambium is called

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Ovary is half-inferior in the flowers of

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Bright colour of petals is due to presence of

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Pedicel of flower is called

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Which is odd one?

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Addition of which element in water speed up the metamorphosis in frog tadpole larva?

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Different colours of frog skin are controlled by

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Engulfing of food either in solid or liquid is called

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In flowering plants meiosis occurs at the time of

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Top-shaped multiciliate male gametes and the mature seed, which bears only one embryo with two cotyledons, are characteristic features of

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Auxospores and homocysts are formed, respectively by

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Fungi shows vegetative reproduction by all of the following except

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When the body is rapidly oxidizing fats, excess ketone bodies accumulate resulting in

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In which one of the following pairs, the two items mean one and the same thing?

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Lead concentration in blood is considered alarming if it is

42 / 180

Glomerular area of adrenal cortex is responsible for

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The expulsion of urine from the urinary bladder is called

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Aldosterone causes conditional reabsorption of ….. in the distal part of tubule

a) CO2             b) Ca2+             c) Na+             d) Cl-

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Myofilaments or myofibrils are

46 / 180

Colle's fracture is associated with

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Sigmoid notch is present in

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At the neuromuscular function acetylcholine

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The following diagram indicates the reflex arc. Identify the parts labeled as A, B, C, D, E ,F and G and choose the correct option.

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The macromineral essential for the formation of insulin is

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'Bisexual animals that possess both male and female reproductive organs are called hermaphrodite'. The above statement is

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In oviparous individuals development of zygote takes place

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Identify  A to E in the following diagram

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Which one of the following pairs of plants structures has haploid number of chromosomes?

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In which one pair, both the plants can be vegetatively propagated by leaf pieces?

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Which of the following represents a condition, where the motility of the sperms is highly reduced?

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Ovulatory phase lasts for

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Function of bulbourethral gland is to

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In which of the following animal, cleavage divisions are restricted to a small part of cytoplasm and nucleus in animal pole of egg?

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Example of copper releasing IUD is

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Growth curve is normally:

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Mendel's experiment were based on hybridization between two plants differing in

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A condition characterized by not having an exact number of chromosomes in a multiple of haploid set is called


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Broadly the genetic disorders may be classified in …A… group Mendelian disorder and …B… disorders. Mendelian disorder are mainly determined by …C… in single gene.
Choose the correct option for A, B and C

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According to the Lac operon concept, which functional unit of the bacterial genetic material is responsible for suppressing the activity of the operator gene in the absence of lactose?

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S and R strains have several subtypes which one were used by Griffith

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Hugo de Vries based on his work on …A…brought forth the idea of …B…, large difference arising suddenly in a population. He believed that it is mutation which causes evolution and not the …C… that Darwin talked about. Mutations are random and …D…, while Darwinian variations are small and …E…
Choose the correct option for A,B,C,D and E to complete the given statement

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Which of the following features are connected with the modern theory of evolution?
I. Genetic and chromosomal mutation
II. Genetic recombination and natural selection
III. Reproductive isolation
The correct combination is

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Neurasthenia refers to

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What is the name of complex formed at the time of action of T-cells?

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Transformation of normal cell cancerous cell is induced by

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The management of animals for milk and its products for human consumption is called

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Rice, maize, sorghum and millets are the principal cereals of the:

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The natural method of pest and pathogen control involving use of viruses, bacteria and other insects is called

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Consider the following statements
I. Antibiotics are chemical substances produced by some microorganisms which can kill or retard the growth of other diseasecausing microorganisms
II. Penicillin is the first antibiotic discovered by Alexander Fleming (1928), while working o bacterium Staphylococcusaureus
III. The function of penicillin as an antibiotic was established by Ernst chain and Howard Florey
Which of the statement given above are correct?

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Colony hybridization procedure for identification of plasmid clones is called:

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Which of the following components are used in
gel electrophoresis?
I. Ethidium bromide
II. Restriction endonuclease
III. Agarose
IV. UV radiation
Choose the correct option

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A probe which is a molecule used to locate specific sequences in a mixture of DNA or RNA molecules could be

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All are the biotechnological application in order to increase food production, except

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Which of the following cells cannot be grown under tissue which of culture condition?

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There are two optional ways of exploitation. One way is parasitism. Which is the other one?

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Coconut water is rich in

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Which one of the following correctly represents as organism and its ecological niche?

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The relationship between the species richness and the area for a wide variety of taxa appears as

86 / 180

World summit on sustainable development was held in

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UV-rays are non-ionizing type and are lethal due to inactivation of

88 / 180

It is used in refrigerator and air conditioners and it is a source of Cl-

89 / 180

Locust are the plant pests which can be solitary or gregarious. It depends upon

90 / 180

In case of honey bees, the queen bee substance or antiqueen pheromone is given out by

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Which is a polymer of three different monomers?

92 / 180

In the natural rubber, the isoprene units are joined in

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Which one of the following is not a protein?

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Secondary nitroalkanes can be converted into ketones by using Y. Identify Y from the following


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Gabriel's synthesis is used frequently for the preparation of which of the following?

96 / 180

Amides contain group, yet they do not give characteristic reactions of group because

97 / 180

The dehydration of butane-1-ol gives

98 / 180

a)  C6H5OC2H5

b) C2H5OCC2H5

c) C6H5OC6H5

d) C6H5I


99 / 180

One of the following that cannot undergo dehydrohalogenation is

100 / 180

Which of the following is not an isomer of but-1-yne?

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Which metal gives hydrogen gas on heating with hot concentrated alkali?

102 / 180

The methods chiefly used for the extraction of lead and tin from their ores are respectively

103 / 180

In the manufacture of sulphuric acid by contact process, tyndall box is used to

104 / 180

Purest form of iron is

105 / 180

The luster of a metal is due to

106 / 180

Paste is

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In the reversible reaction

The rate of disappearance of NO2 is equal to

(a) 2k1/k2[NO2]2 

(b) 2k1[NO2]2 - 2k2[N2O4]

(c) 2k2[NO2]2 - k2[N2O4]

(d) (2k1-k2)[NO2]

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The cell reaction of the galvanic cell,  Cu (s) | Cu2+(aq) || Hg2+(aq) | Hg (l)

a) Hg + Cu2+ ⟶ Hg2+ + Cu

b) Hg + Cu2+ ⟶ Cu+ + Hg+

c) Cu + Hg → CuHg

d) Cu + Hg2+ ⟶ Cu2+ + Hg


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For a gaseous reaction, the units of rate of rate of reaction are

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How many grams of dibasic acid (mol. wt. 200) should be present in 100 mL of the aqueous solution to give 0.1 N?

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Assuming that sea water is a 3.50 weight per cent aqueous solution of NaCl. What is the molality of sea water?

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Which element is used for making a transistor?

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Which one of the following is a covalent crystal?

114 / 180

Addition of phosphate fertilizers into water leads to

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An organic alkadiene on reductive ozonolysis produces

(ii) acetone
(iii) 2-methylpropane-1, 3-dial
The formula of alkadiene will be

116 / 180

The conditions for aromaticity is

117 / 180

Which of the following is most likely to show optical isomerism?

118 / 180

Which of the following is used in making printer's ink, shoe polish, black varnish and paint?

119 / 180

The correct order of increasing atomic radii, is

120 / 180

The carbonate that will not decompose on heating is
a) Na2CO3

b) CaCO3

c) BaCO3

d) SrCO3

121 / 180

When hydrogen peroxide is added to acidified potassium dichromate, a blue colour is produced due to formation of
a) CrO3

b) Cr2O3

c) CrO5

d) [CrO4]2-

122 / 180

The oxidation number of chromium in potassium dichromate is

123 / 180

The reaction,
Ag2+ (aq) + Ag(s) ⇌ 2Ag2+ (aq)

is an example of

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100 mL of 0.015 M HCl solution is mixed with 100 mL of 0.005 M HCl. What is the pH of the resultant solution?

125 / 180

The quantity of heat measured for a reaction in a bomb calorimeter is equal to

126 / 180

Hess's law is used to calculate

127 / 180

If both oxygen and helium gases are at the same temperature, the rate of diffusion of O2 is very close to

128 / 180

In the anion HCOO- the two carbon-oxygen bonds are found to be of equal length. What is the reason for it?

129 / 180

Which of the following elements never show positive oxidation number?

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The uncertainty in momentum of an electron is 1 × 10-5 kg m/s. the uncertainty in its position will be ℎ = 6.62 × 10-34 kgm2/s

a) 2.36× 10-28 m b) 5.25× 10-28 m
c) 2.27× 10-30 m d) 5.27× 10-30 m

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What does the electronic configuration 1 s2, 2 s2, 2 p5, 3 s1 indicate?
a) Ground state of fluorine

b) Excited state of fluorine
c) Excited state of neon
d) Excited state of the O-2  ion

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Law of constant composition is same as the law of

133 / 180

2 g of metal carbonate is neutralised completely by 100 mL of 0.1 (N) HCl. The equivalent weight of metal carbonate is

134 / 180

Electrovalence of calcium and chlorine respectively is

135 / 180

A given fiber has core refractive index of 1.5 and a core cladding index difference factor (Δ) of 0.01125. The numerical aperture is

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For good demodulation of AM signal of carrier frequency f, the value of RC should be

137 / 180

The main cause of zener breakdown is

138 / 180

Consider two nuclei of the same radioactive nuclide. One of the nuclei was created in a supernova explosion 5 billion years ago. The probability of decay during the next time is

139 / 180

The diagram shows the energy levels for an electron in a certain atom. Which transition shown represents the emission of a photon with the most energy

140 / 180

The ionization energy of Li2+ is equal to

141 / 180

Cathode rays are similar to visible light rays as

142 / 180

In vacuum an electron of energy 10 keV hits tungsten target, then emitted radiation will be

143 / 180

If fringes width λ = 5.89 x 10-5    cm is 0.431 mm and shift of white central fringe on introducing a mica sheet in one path is 1.89 mm. Thickness of the mica sheet will be
(μ = 1.59)

144 / 180

A light ray is incident upon a prism in minimum deviation position and suffers a deviation of 34°. If the shaded half of the prism is knocked off, the ray will

145 / 180

A large glass slab μ = 5/3 of thickness 8 cm is placed over a point source of light on a plane surface. It is seen that light emerges out of the top surface of the slab from a circular area of radius R cm. What is the value of R?

146 / 180

The wave of wavelength 5900 Å emitted by any atom or molecule must have some finite total length which is known as the coherence length. For sodium light, this length is 2.4 cm. The number of oscillations in this length will be

147 / 180

A resistor and a capacitor are connected in series with an AC source. If the potential drop across the capacitor is 5 V and that across resistor is 12 V, then applied voltage is

148 / 180

The natural frequency (ωo) of oscillations in L-C circuit is given by

149 / 180

The current i in an induction coil varies with time t according to the graph shown in figure.

Which of the following graphs shows the induced emf (e) in the coil with time

150 / 180

A bar magnet is oscillating in the earth's magnetic field with time period T. If its mass is increased four times, then its time period will be

151 / 180

A bar magnet of magnetic moment 104J/T is  free to rotate in a horizontal plane. The work done in rotating the magnet slowly from a direction parallel to a horizontal magnetic field of 4 × 10-4 to a direction 60° from the field will be


152 / 180

Four charged particles are projected perpendicularly into the magnetic field with equal. Which will have minimum frequency?

153 / 180

What will happen when a 40 watt, 220 volt lamp and 100 watt, 220 volt lamp are connected in series across 40 volt supply


154 / 180

A thermo couple develops 200μV between 0℃ and 100℃. If it develops 6 4μV and 76 μV respectively between (0℃ − 32℃) and (32℃ − 70℃) then what will be the thermo emf it develops between 70℃ and 100℃


155 / 180

A tap supplies water at 22℃, a man takes of 1 L of water per min at 37℃ from the geyser. The power of geyser is

156 / 180

The electrostatic potential energy between proton and electron separated by a distance 1 Å is

157 / 180

Two equal charges as separated by distance d. A third charge placed on a perpendicular bisector at x distance from centre will experience maximum coulomb force, when

158 / 180

Two equal charges as separated by distance d. A third charge placed on a perpendicular bisector at x distance from centre will experience maximum coulomb force, when

159 / 180

A string is rigidly tied at two ends and its equation of vibration is given by y = cos 2πt sin 2πx. Then minimum length of string is

160 / 180

Acceleration A and time period T of a body in S.H.M. is given by a curve shown below.

Then corresponding graph, between identic energy (K.E) and time t is correctly represented by

161 / 180

In simple harmonic motion, the ratio of acceleration of the particle to its displacement at any time is a measure of

162 / 180

Which of the following cylindrical rods will conduct maximum heat, when their ends are maintained at a constant temperature difference?


163 / 180

Value of adiabatic bulk modulus of elasticity of helium at NTP is

164 / 180

A diatomic ideal gas is compressed adiabatically to 1/32 of its initial volume. In the initial temperature of the gas is Tf (in kelvin) and the final temperature is Tf, the value of a is

165 / 180

If the ratio of densities of two substances is 5 ∶ 6 and that of the specific heats is 3 ∶ 5. Then the ratio between heat capacities per unit volume is

166 / 180

Two capillaries of radii r1 and r2, length l1 and l2 respectively are in series. A liquid of viscosity η is flowing through the combination under a pressure difference p. What is the rate of volume flow of liquid?

167 / 180

Water flows steadily through a horizontal pipe of variable cross-section. If the pressure of water is p at a point where flow speed is ν, the pressure at another point where the flow speed is 2ν, is (take density of water as ρ)

168 / 180

The general form of potential energy curve for atoms or molecules can be represented by the following equation U(R) = A/Rn − B/Rm. Here, R is the interatomic or molecular distance, A and B are coefficients, n and m are the exponents. In the above equation

169 / 180

If the density of the earth is doubled keeping radius constant, find the new acceleration due to gravity? (g = 9.8 m/s2)

170 / 180

A ball falls freely from a height of 45m. When the ball is at a height of 25 m, it explodes into two equal pieces. One of them moves horizontally with a speed of 10 m/s. The distance between the two pieces when both strike the ground is

171 / 180

Which relation is not correct of the following

172 / 180

A spring, which is initially in its unstretched condition, is first stretched by a length x and then again by a further length x. The work done in the first case is w1, and in the second case is w2. Then


173 / 180

A force of 1200 N acts on a 0.5 kg steel ball as result of collision lasting 25 ms. If the force is in a direction opposite to the initial velocity of 14 m/s then the final speed of the steel ball would be

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A heavy uniform chain lies on horizontal table top. If the coefficient of friction between the chain and the table surface is 0.25, then the maximum fraction of the length of the chain that can hang over one edge of the table is

175 / 180

In uniform circular motion, the velocity vector and acceleration vector are

176 / 180

A body of mass m is projected at an angle of 45° with the horizontal. If air resistance is negligible, then total change in momentum when it strikes the ground is

177 / 180

A packet is dropped from a balloon which is going upwards with the velocity 12 m/s , the velocity of the packet after 2 seconds will be

178 / 180

In the equation Snth = u + a/2(2n-1) the letters have their usual meanings. The dimensional formula of Snth is

(a) [ML0T]

(b) [ML-1T-1]

(c)  M0LT-1]

(d)  [M0LT0]

179 / 180

The time dependence of a physical quantity p  is given by p = Poeαt2 -αt2  where α is a constant and t is time. Then constant α is

a) Dimensionless
b) Dimensionless of T-2
c) Dimensionless of P
d) Dimensionless of T2

180 / 180

Which form of iron is least ductile

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