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(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 3 Hours and Questions Paper Contains 180 Questions. The Max. Marks are 720.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer is harmful. 

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In Which of the following plant primary root is short lived and new roots originate from the base of stem:-

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Choose the correct statements from the following :-
(A) Living organisms are self replicating, evolving and self regulating
(B) Cellular organisation, metabolism and consciousness are defining characters of living
(c) Growth, reproduction, ability to sense environment and respond are features of living organisms
(D) Growth and reproduction are defining charateristics of living organisms

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Position of heart wood is :-

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Which of following is a living mechanical tissue?

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The aestivation in petals of lady finger and calotropis plants are respectively.

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Which of the following is not related to solanaceae?

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Among the following which is a vasodilator ?

8 / 180

Ornithine cycle performs

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An organism having radial cymetry Diploblastic, having 8-cilliary comb plates, performing only sexual reproduction most probably organism is ?

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A jawless fish which lays eggs in fresh water and whose larvae ammocoetes comes back to marine water is ?

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At the junction of midgut and hind gut about 100-150, yellow coloured thin filamentous structure is present known as ?

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Agriculatural practice of breeding and raising livestock is known as ?

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Evolutionary relationship of three major group of organisms is shown in the diagram where A, B, C, D, E are liverworts, moss, fern, cycadales and gnetales respectively. In this diagram Funaria, Adiantum, Cycas and Ephedra will be placed respectively :-


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Some characters or structures are given below. How many of them are found in both bryophyta and Pteridophyta :-
(A) Archegonium         (B) Protonema
(C) Rhizoids                   (D) Ovule
(E) Vascular tissue       (F) Antheridium

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How many plants given below are heterosporous pteridophytes ?
Selaginella, Riccia, Salvinia, Marchantia,
Azolla, Lycopodium, Funaria, Psilotum

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Identify the following figures and choose the option which gives correct description about them :-




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Choose incorrect match out of following :-

18 / 180

Choose the incorrect statements of following :-

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Water prevention and control of pollution act apply in India :-

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In "Rivet popper hypothesis " "Rivet" indicates :-

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Phytotron is a device in which :-

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Which of the following is an example of Sedimentory bio-geo-chemical cycle ?

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Veldts in Africa and Pampas in South America is an example of which Biome :-

24 / 180

In which biome clear stratification present :-

25 / 180

Storage of energy at consumer level known as :-

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Overlapping zone between two ecosystem is known as :-

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In which ecosystem pyramid of number is inverted :-

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Which of the following is an energy source in ecosystem ?

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Which of the following condition not associated with 'Alcoholic liver disease' ?

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Most addictive drug and most potent hallucinogen respectively ?

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Pyrogenic toxin secreted in human body during life cycle of plasmodium ?

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Fill in the blanks respectively
..............acts as an antigen presenting cell which activates...............which in turn secrete lymphokine to activate both...........&........ . Now these cells perform specific cloning known as............. .

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Change with desent is the basis of which theory

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Analogous organs are :

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In 1953 S.L. Miller created electric discharge in a closed flask containing the gaseous mixture

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Consider the following four statements (1-4) and select the option which includes all the correct ones only :
(1) Huge clusters of galaxies comprise the universe
(2) Galaxies contain stars and clouds of gas and dust
(3) Considering the size of universe, earth is indeed a speck
(4) The gases condensed under gravitation and formed the galaxies of the present day universe.

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Somatic embryogenesis is technique of :-

38 / 180

Green revolution in India occured during :-

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Which of the following r-RNA acts as ribozyme in bacteria ?

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Functional unit of gene is :-

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Which of the following is required as inducer for the expression of lac operon ?

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Which one of the following represents a pallindromic sequence in DNA :-

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Which of the following is not a Bt crop ?

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A good producer of butyric acid is :-

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The colonies of non-recombinant bacteria appers blue in contrast to white colonies of recombinant bacteria because of :-

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Which enzyme/s will be produced in a cell in which there is a mis-sense mutation in the lac Y gene ?

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Inulin is :-

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The tendency of population to remain in genetic equillibrium may be disturbed by :-

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Which of the following statements is true of two genes that show 50% recombination frequency?

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A test cross is carried out to :-

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Tobacco plant resistant to a nematode have been developed by introduction of DNA that produced (in host cells).

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How many of the following hormones are secreted by placenta during pregnancy HPL estrogen, progesterone FSH, Thyroxin, Cortisol, LH, Prolactin, relaxin.

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When there is a sudden loss of blood from the body the organ which supplies blood is :-

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Menstrual cycle is initiated by :–

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At the time of parturition oxytocin release from.

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Correct sequence for milk ejection are :

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Unitegmic ovule is found in

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Consider the following statements-
(i) In angiosperm a typical embryosac at  maturity is 7 nucleated, 8 celled.
(ii) Fertilization is angiosperm is called double fertilization because two polar nuclei and one male gamete fused.
(iii) Formation of endosperm always preceds development of the embriyo.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

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Which one the correct match from the following ?

60 / 180

Identify the correct match from the Column I, II and III.

61 / 180

Which of the following type of ovule is also called resupinate ovule ?

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Given below is the diagrammatic sketch of a structure of maize seed. Identify the parts labelled A, B, C and D and select the right option about them:-

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Sensory neurons are found in the dorsal root of spinal cord. Which is.

64 / 180

Thyroxine is a.

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Injury to adrenal cortex is not likely to affect the secretion of which one of the following hormone

66 / 180

The cavity of mid ear is connected to the cavities of mouth by a tube called

67 / 180

The Tympanic membrane is connected to

68 / 180

The type of muscles present in our :

69 / 180

Which statement is wrong ?

70 / 180

In human being, the second cervical vertebral helps in rotatory movements of head through knob-like process called :-

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Which one of the following is the correct match of digestive enzyme and substrate.

72 / 180

Bulk of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from body tissues into the blood is present as :

73 / 180

Maximum absorption of digested food takes place in :-

74 / 180

Surgical removal of gall bladder in human beings would lead to

75 / 180

Glucose,galactose and fructose all have the same molecular size and composition and their absorption through the mucosal cells takes place :-

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Which one of the following is not a source of natural CK ?

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Which one of the following hormone play important role in seed development, maturation and dormancy :-

78 / 180

(A) PGRs are complex, organic and inter cellular factors.
(B) PGRs are nongenetic factors

79 / 180

Low temperature treatment to speed up the process of flowering is referred to as :-

80 / 180

Find the incorrect match :-

81 / 180

Activation for alcohol dehydrogenase and nitrogenase are respectively :-

82 / 180

How many of the following purpose carried transpiration ?
(i) Creates transpirational pull for absorption of water
(ii) Supplies water for photosynthesis
(iii) Transport minerals in every direction with in a plant
(iv) Cools leaf surface
(v) Maintains the shape and structure of the plant

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Refer the given figure. What does it represent?

84 / 180

Prophase I is divided into how many phases based on chromosomal behaviour ?

85 / 180

Synaptonemal complex is formed in :-

86 / 180

In primary structure of protein :-

87 / 180

Sequence or positional information of amino acid is given by the :-

88 / 180

Resistance to antibiotics is conferred by :-

89 / 180

What is the length of mycoplasma cell ?

90 / 180

Cell had a thin outer layer which is known as "Plasma membrane" who reported this ?

91 / 180

The equation for the position of train starting at x = 0 m is given by  x = 0.5t2 + bt3 , here t is time. The dimensions of b is :

92 / 180

Two vectors A and B have magnitudes 2 and 1 respectively. If the angle between A and B is 60°, then which of the following vectors may be equal to 0.5A– B  ?


93 / 180

Which of the following is related with characteristic emission of X-ray :–

94 / 180

Half-life of radioactive sample, when activity of material initially was 8 counts and after 3 hours it becomes 1 count, is

95 / 180

The following figure shows a logic gate circuit with two inputs A and B and the output Y. The voltage waveforms of A, B, and Y are as given?

The logic gate is :-

96 / 180

If λmax  is 6563 Å, for Balmer series of a particular atom then wavelength of second line for Balmer series will be

97 / 180

For a CE amplifier, current gain is 69. If the emitter current is 7 mA then the base current and collector current will be -

98 / 180

A ray of light is incident on an equilateral glass prism placed on a horizontal table. For minimum deviation which of the following is true ?

99 / 180

The observer at O views two closely spaced spots on a vertical wall through an angled glass slab as shown. As seen by observer, the spots appear.

100 / 180

In an experiment, electrons are made to pass through a narrow slit of width 'd' comparable to their de-Broglie wavelength. They are detected on a screen at a distance 'D' from the slit (see figure). Which of the following graphs can be expected to represent the number of electrons 'N'detected as a function of the detector position 'y' (y = 0 corresponds to the middle of the slit) ?

101 / 180

Two beams of light having intensities I and 4I interfere to produce a fringe pattern on a screen. The phase difference between the beams is π/2 at point A and π at point B. Then the difference between the resultant intensities at A and B is :

102 / 180

The path Difference between the two waves

103 / 180

Mechanical wave (sound wave) in a gas is :-

104 / 180

How long after the begining of motion is the displacement of a harmonically oscillating particle equal to one half its amplitude if the period is 12 sec and particle starts from rest :-

105 / 180

How long after the begining of motion is the displacement of a harmonically oscillating particle equal to one half its amplitude if the period is 12 sec and particle starts from rest :-

106 / 180

A body is executing simple Harmonic motion. At a displacement x it's potential energy is E1 and at a displacement y, its potential energy is E2. The Potential energy E at a displacement (x + y) is :-

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Energy is being emitted from the surface of a black body at 127°C temperature at the rate of 1.0 × 106 J/s–m2. Temperature of the black body at which the rate of energy emission is 16.0×106 J/s–m2 will be:

108 / 180

5.6 liter of helium gas at STP is adiabatically compressed to 0.7 liter. Taking the initial temperature to be T1, the magnitude work done in the process is

109 / 180

If the internal energy of  n1 moles of He at temperature 10T is equal to the internal energy of n2 mole of hydrogen at temperature 6T. The ratio of  n1/n is

110 / 180

50 gm of copper is heated to increase its temperature by 10°C. If the same quantity of heat is given to 10 gm of water, the rise in its temperature is:

(Specific heat of copper =420 Joule kg-1 °C-1)



111 / 180

A 20 cm long capillary tube is dipped in water. The water rises upto 8 cm. If the entire arrangement is put in a freely falling elevator, the length of water column in the capillary tube will be-

112 / 180

If S is stress and Y is Young's modulus of material of a wire, the energy stored in the wire per unit volume is-

(a) 2S2Y

(b) S2/2Y

(c) 2Y/S2

(d) S/2Y


113 / 180

From a solid sphere of mass M and radius R a cube of maximum possible volume is cut.Moment of inertia of cube about an axis passing through its centre and perpendicular to one of its faces is :-

114 / 180

A particle of mass m moves along line PC with velocity v as shown.What is the angular momentum of the particle about O ?


115 / 180

From a solid sphere of mass M and radius R, a spherical portion of radius R2 is removed, as shown in the figure. Taking gravitational potential V = 0 at r = ∞, the potential at the centre of the cavity thus formed is : (G = gravitational constant)

116 / 180

Two particles of equal mass 'm' go around a circle of radius R under the action of their mutual gravitational attraction. The speed of each particle with respect to their centre of mass is:-

117 / 180

In the EM wave the amplitude of magnetic field H and the amplitude of electric field E0 at any place are related as :-

118 / 180

In a step-up transformer, the turn ratio is 1 : 2. A Leclanche cell (e.m.f. 1.5V) is connected across the primary. The voltage developed in the secondary would be :-

119 / 180

In a dc motor, induced e.m.f. will be maximum :-

120 / 180

If the force between the electron in the first Bohr orbit and the nucleus (proton) in hydrogen atom is F, then the force between them when the electron is in the second orbit is :-

121 / 180

The value of current through 20Ω resistor is :-

122 / 180

Two cells of e.m.f. s E1 and E2 and of negligible internal resistances are connected with two variable resistors as shown in Fig. When the galvanometer shows no deflection, the values of the resistances are P and Q. What is the value of the ratio E2/E1?

123 / 180

In the circuit shown in the figure, C = 6 µF. The charge stored in the capacitor of capacity C is :-

124 / 180

Two capacitors C1 and C2 = 2C1 are connected in a circuit with a switch between them as shown in the figure. Initially the switch is open and C1 holds charge Q. The switch is closed. At steady state, the charge on capacitors will be :-

125 / 180

A charged particle is moving in a circular orbit of radius 6 cm with a uniform speed of 3 × 106 m/s under the action of a uniform magnetic field 2 × 10-4 Wb/m2 which is at right angles to the plane of the orbit. The charge to mass ratio of the particle is :-

(a) 5 × 109 C/kg

(b) 2.5 × 1011 C/kg
(c) 5 × 1011 C/kg

(d) 5 × 1012 C/kg

126 / 180

A copper wire of resistance 10Ω is in the form of a perfect circle. Two points A and B on it are connected to a battery of emf 5 V and internal resistance 0.5 Ω. The two segments of the circle have lengths in the ratio 2 : 3. The net magnetic induction at the centre of the circle is :-

127 / 180

Two long straight conductors with currents I1 and I2 are placed along X and Y-axes. The equation of locus of points of zero magnetic induction is :-

128 / 180

If the system is released, then the acceleration of the centre of mass of the system is :

129 / 180

A body of mass 2 kg moving with a velocity(ˆi  + ˆj+ kˆ )m/s collides with another body of mass 5 kg moving with velocity(ˆi – 2ˆj + 3kˆ )m/s. If they stick together, the velocity (in m/s) of the composite body is :

130 / 180

A disc initially at rest, is rotated about its axis with a uniform angular acceleration. In the first 2 s, it rotates an angle θ. In the next 2s, the disc will rotate through an angle:

131 / 180

The work done by a force F = (–6x3ˆi)N in displacing a particle from x = 4m to x = –2m is:

132 / 180

A body is moving with a velocity of 72 km/h on a rough horizontal surface of coefficient of friction 0.5. If the acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2 find the distance covered before it comes to rest?

133 / 180

A man is standing in a lift which goes up and comes down with the same constant acceleration. If the ratio of the apparent weights in the two cases is 2 : 1, then the acceleration of the lift is :


134 / 180

A particle is projected from level ground. Its kinetic energy K changes due to gravity so that Kmax/Kmin = 9 The ratio of the range to the maximum height attained during its flight is :

135 / 180

A point moves in x – y plane according to the law x = 3 cos4t and y = 3 (1 – sin4t). The distance travelled by the particle in 2 sec is (where x and y are in metres) :

136 / 180

If the impurity in a metal has a greater affinity for oxygen and is more easily oxidised than the metal, then the purification of metal may be carried out by :-

137 / 180

Which among the following complexes has square pyramidal geometry ?

138 / 180

Which of the following carboxylic acids is difficult to decarboxylate :


139 / 180

For a chemical reaction, A + 2B → C + D, the rate of reaction increases three times, when concentration of A only is increased nine times. While when concentration of B only is increased 2 times, then rate of reaction also increases 2 times. The order of this reaction is:-

140 / 180

Which of the following is producing H2O2 on hydrolysis :-

(a) Na2O2

(b) PbO2
(c) BaO2

(d) 1 & 3 both

141 / 180

The colour of KMnO4 is due to :-

142 / 180

The major product 'B'

143 / 180

Which of the following will not show optical activity :

144 / 180

A gas present in a cylinder, expands against a constant pressure of 1 atm from a volume of 2 litre to a volume of 6 litre. In doing so, it absorbs 800 joule heat from surrounding. The change in internal energy of process is :

145 / 180

When Mg burns in air, it produces :-

(a) MgO, MgO2
(b) MgO, Mg3N2, MgO2
(c) Mg3N2 only
(d) Mg3N2  & MgO

146 / 180

Which one of the following elements shows maximum number of different oxidation states in its compound :-

147 / 180

The major product formed in this reaction is:

148 / 180

Different hydrogen in the compound are represented by alphabets :

arrange them in decreasing order of reactivity towards free radical substitution


149 / 180

One litre of an aqueous solution contain 0.15 mole of CH3COOH (pKa = 4.8) and 0.15 mole of CH3COONa. After the addition of 0.05 mole of solid NaOH to this solution, the pH will be:

150 / 180

(I) When X dimerises bond angle decreases
(II) When X dimerises bond angle increases
(III) In X-Y molecule C–C bond length is less than
that in Y–Y molecule
(IV) Bond angle in X is greater than that in Y

151 / 180

Water is oxidised to oxygen by :-

(a) ClO2

(b) KMnO4
(c) H2O2

(d) F2

152 / 180

An optically active compound 'X' having molecular formula C4H2O2 it evol8es CO2 with NaHCO3.'x' on treatment with LiAlH4 gives achiral compound then 'x' is :

153 / 180

The uncertainity in the location of circulating electron is equal in it's de-Broglie wavelength the minimum percent error in it's measurement of velocity under this cicumstances will be approximately :

154 / 180

Find out the value of KC for the following reaction from the value of Kp

2NOCl(g)  ⇄ 2NO(g) + Cl2(g)

[Given : KP = 8 × 1012 atm at 500 K
use R = 0.08 L atm mol-1 K-1]

(a) 32 × 1013 mol L-1

(b) 8 × 1012 mol L-1
(c) 2 × 1011 mol L-1

(d) None of these


155 / 180

Compare π -bond strength between B & N given in two compounds :-

(a) There is no π-bond character between B & N
(b) Same in I & II
(c) I > II
(d) II > I

156 / 180

Holme's signals can be obtained by using :-

(1) CaC2 + CaCN2

(2) CaC2 + Ca3P2
(3) CaC2 + CaCO3

(4) Ca3P2 + CaCN2

157 / 180

Which carbonyl compound has maximum dipole moment :

158 / 180

On addition of one mL solution of 10% NaCl to 10 mL gold sol in presence of 0.025 g of starch, the coagulation is just prevented. The gold number of starch is :–

159 / 180

25 g of a solute of molar mass 250 g mol-1 is dissolved in 100 ml of water to obtain a solution whose density is 1.25 g ml-1 . The molarity and molality of the solution are respectively:-

160 / 180

Which among the following attraction is strongest?
(a) HF----H2O

(b) HF----Cl2
(c) H2O----Cl2

(d) Cl2----Cl2

161 / 180

Ammonia with excess of Cl2, forms :-

162 / 180

Arrange these compounds in decreasing order of reactivity for the nucleophilic addition reactions :

163 / 180

The energy of the electron in the first orbit of He+ is –871.6 × 10-20 J. The energy of the electron in the first orbit of hydrogen would be:-
(a) –871.6 × 10-20 J

(b) –435.8 × 10-20 J
(c) –217.9 × 10-20 J

(d) –108.9 × 10-20 J

164 / 180

At what temperature root mean square speed of ozone will be equal to root mean square speed of oxygen at 27°C :

165 / 180

α-D Glucopyranose and β-D Glucopyranose are :

166 / 180

167 / 180

Assuming the formation of an ideal solution, determine the boiling point of a mixture containing 1560 g benzene (molar mass = 78) and 1125 g chlorobenzene (molar mass = 112.5) using the following against an external pressure of 1000 torr:-

168 / 180

The halide of a metal MX crystalizes as ccp structure (NaCl type). If all the atoms situated at one of the tetrad axis are removed then what will be the simplest molecular formula of halide :
(1) MX

(2) M3X4

(3) MX2

(4) MX3

169 / 180

Milk of magnesia is :-
(a) Mg(OH)2

(b) Mg(CO3)2
(c) CaCO3

(d) Ca(OH)2

170 / 180

Glucose Product; Product is :

171 / 180

172 / 180

A liquid is kept in a closed vessel. If a glass plate (negligible mass) with a small hole is kept on top of the liquid surface, then the vapour pressure of the liquid is the vessel is :-

173 / 180

The oxidation number of Cr in K3CrO8 is +5 how many peroxy linkages are present in this molecule:

174 / 180

A magnetic moment of 1.73 BM will be shown by one among the following :

175 / 180

Which of the following species is not aromatic :

176 / 180

177 / 180

If concentration of a first order reaction is increased by 'x' times, then rate constant (k) becomes :-

(a) e-k/x

(b) x/k

(c) k

(d) e-k/x


178 / 180

What is the value of n-factor of [Fe(CN)6]-4 is the given reaction

179 / 180

Phenol can be converted into salicylic acid by heating with :
(a) CO2 (under pressure) and alkali
(b) CCl4 and alkali
(c) CHCl3 and alkali followed by oxidation
(d) All of the above

180 / 180

If W1, W2 and W3 represent the work done in moving a particle from A to B along three different paths 1, 2 and 3 respectively (as shown) in the gravitational field of a point mass m. Find the correct relation between W1, W2 and W3

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The average score is 2%



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