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‘A’ represents mass no. and Z represents atomic no. then alpha-decay is characterized by

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An electron has principal quantum number 3. The number of its (i) subshells and (ii) orbitals would be respectively

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The discovery of neutron became very late because :

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The measurement of the electron position is associated with an uncertainty in momentum, which is equal to 1×10-18 g cm s-1. The uncertainty in electron velocity is, (mass of an electron is 9 × 10-28 g)

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The velocity of particle A is 0.1 ms-1 and that of particle B is 0.05 ms-1. If the mass of particle B is five times that of A, then the ratio of de-Broglie wavelengths associated with the particles A and B is

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In discharge tube experiment stream of negatively charged particles travel from

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Two fast moving particles X and Y are associated with de Broglie wavelengths 1 nm and 4 nm respectively. If mass of X in nine times the mass of Y, the ratio of kinetic energies of X and Y would be

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According to Bohr's theory, the angular momentum of an electron in 5th orbit is

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Which of the following pairs have identical values of e/m?

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Which of the following statements are not correct about electromagnetic radiation ?
(i) Electromagnetic waves require medium to travel.
(ii) Different electromagnetic radiations travel at same speed in vaccum.
(iii) The oscillating electric and magnetic fields produced by oscillating charged particles are perpendicular to each other, but not to the direction of propagation.
(iv) The oscillating electric field and magnetic field are perpendicular to each other, and also to the direction of propagation.

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Bohr model can explain :

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Match the columns.
(Atom / Ion).......(Electronic configuration)
(A) Cu..............(p)1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10
(B) Cu2+ .......(q) 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2
(C) Zn2+.........(r) 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s1
(D) Cr3+.........(s)1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d9
(t) 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d3


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Which of the following is never true for cathode rays ?

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Chlorine exists in two isotopic forms, Cl-37 and Cl-35 but its atomic mass is 35.5. This indicates the ratio of Cl-37 and Cl-35 is approximately

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Assertion : The position of an electron can be determined exactly with the help of an electron microscope.
Reason : The product of uncertainty in the measurement of its momentum and the uncertainty in the measurement of the position cannot be less than a finite limit.

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Which is not true with respect to cathode rays?

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The third line of the Balmer series, in the emission spectrum of the hydrogen atom, is due to the transition from the

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Which combinations of quantum numbers, n, l , m and s for electron in an atom does not provide a permissible solution of the wave equation ?

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The number of neutrons in dipositive zinc ion with mass number 70 is

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Which of the following statement is not correct about the characteristics of cathode rays?

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Atoms with same mass number but different atomic numbers are called

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What is the ratio of mass of an electron to the mass of a proton?

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Bohr’s theory can be applied to which of the following ions.

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If the nitrogen atom has electronic configuration 1s7, it would have energy lower than that of the normal ground state
configuration 1s22s22p3, because the electrons would be closer to the nucleus. Yet 1s7 is not observed because it violates.

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Which of the following transitions of electrons in the hydrogen atom will emit maximum energy ?

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The number of electrons, neutrons and protons in a species are equal to 10, 8 and 8 respectively. The proper symbol of the species is

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Rutherford’s α-particle dispersion experiments concludes

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Arrange the electromagnetic radiations a, b, c, d and e in increasing order of energy. Frequencies of a, b and c are 1015, 1014 and 1017 respectively whereas wavelength of(d) and (e) are 350 nm and 100 nm respectively ?

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In continous spectrum light of (i)_ wavelength is deviated the ii_

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Match the columns.
Column-I                        Column-II
(A) 11H, 21H and 31H.....(p) Isobars
(B) 146C and 147N.........(q) Isotopes
(C) Na+ and Mg2+..........(r) Isoelectronic species

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The lightest particle is :

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The wavelength (in cm) of second line in the Lyman series of hydrogen atomic spectrum is (Rydberg constant= R cm-1)


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Among species H, Li2+, He+, Be3+ and Al3+ Bohr’s model was able to explain the spectra of

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In which of the following Bohr’s stationary state, the electron will be at maximum distance from the nucleus ?

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The Li2+ion is moving in the third stationary state, and its linear momentum is 7.3 × 10-34 kg ms-1. Calculate its angular momentum.

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The energy of electron in first energy level is -21.79 ×10-12  erg per atom. The energy of electron in second energy level is :

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An electron from one Bohr stationary orbit can go to next higher orbit

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In an atom, an electron is moving with a speed of 600 m/s with an accuracy of 0.005%. Certainity with which the position of the electron can be located is ( h = 6.6 ×10-34 kgm2s-1, mass of electron, em= 9.1 ×10-31kg)

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Calculate the velocity of ejected electron from the metal surface when light of frequency 2 × 1015 Hz fall on the metal surface and the threshold frequency is 7 × 1014 Hz for metal ?

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In which of the following the amount of deviation from their path in the presence of electric and magnetic field will be maximum?

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An element has atomic number 11 and mass number 24. What does the nucleus contain?

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What is the difference between two species if one has atomic mass = 14 and atomic number = 7 whereas the
other has atomic mass = 14 and atomic number = 6 ?

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The line spectrum of He+ ion will resemble that of

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Which of the following is related with both wave nature and particle nature ?

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Rutherford’s experiment on the scattering of alpha-particles showed for the first time that the atom has :

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