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If n = 6, the correct sequence for filling of electrons will be :

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Match the columns.


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Match the columns

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What did Rutherford’s alpha-particle scattering experiment not prove?

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Match the columns.

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For which element, the valence electron will be present in the highest energy orbital.

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Maximum number of electrons in a subshell of an atom is determined by the following:

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The increasing order for the values of e/m (charge/mass) is

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The correct order of increasing energy of atomic orbitals is

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Which of the following suggested de Broglie wavelengths is not possible for the electron in a Bohr orbit of hydrogen atom?

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Which of the following statements concerning the quantum numbers are correct ?
(i) Angular quantum number determines the three dimensional shape of the orbital.
(ii) The principal quantum number determines the orientation and energy of the orbital.
(iii) Magnetic quantum number determines the size of the orbital.
(iv) Spin quantum number of an electron determines the orientation of the spin of electron relative to the chosen axis.
The correct set of option is

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Assertion : It is impossible to determine the exact position and exact momentum of an electron simultaneously.
Reason : The path of an electron in an atom is clearly defined.

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An electron, e1 is moving in the fifth stationary state, and another electron e2 is moving in the fourth stationary state.
The radius of orbit of electron, e1 is five times the radius of orbit of electron, e2 calculate the ratio of velocity of electron e1 (v1) to the velocity of electron e2 (v2).

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The electronic configuration of Cu (atomic number 29) is

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Which of the following statements of quantum mechanics was in agreement with Bohr’s model?
(i) The path of an electron in an atom can never be determined accurately.
(ii) The energy of electrons in atom is quantized i.e., can only have specific values.
(iii) An orbital cannot contain more than two electrons.

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In hydrogen atomic spectrum, a series limit is found at 12186.3 cm-1. Then it belong to

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Which transition in the hydrogen atomic spectrum will have the same wavelength as the transition, n = 4 to n = 2 of He+ spectrum?

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If the radius of first Bohr orbit of H atom is x, then de Broglie wavelength of electron in 3rd orbit is nearly :


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The measurement of the electron position is associated with an uncertainty in momentum, which is equal to 1×10-18 g cm s-1. The uncertainty in electron velocity is,
(mass of an electron is 9 × 10-28 g)

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Which of the following levels of H and He+ have same energy respectively ?
(A) 1, 2 (B) 3, 4
(C) 2, 4 (D) 3, 6

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Bohr radius of nth orbit of an atom is given by the expression:

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Assertion : The radius of the first orbit of hydrogen atom is 0.529Å.
Reason : Radius of each circular orbit (rn) - 0.529Å (n2/Z), where n = 1, 2, 3 and Z = atomic number.

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Assertion : Black body is an ideal body that emits and absorbs radiations of all frequencies.
Reason : The frequency of radiation emitted by a body goes from a lower frequency to higher frequency with an increase in temperature.

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Match the columns.

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For Balmer series in the spectrum of atomic hydrogen, the wave number of each line is given by υ = Rh(1/n12 - 1/n22) where RH is a constant and n1 and n2 are integers. Which
of the following statement(s) is (are) correct?

(i) As wavelength decreases, the lines in the series converge.
(ii) The integer n1 is equal to 2.
(iii) The ionization energy of hydrogen can be calculated from the wave number of these lines.
(iv) The line of longest wavelength corresponds to n2 = 3.

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The potential energy of electron present in ground state of Li2+ ion is represented by :

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The orbital diagram in which the Aufbau principle is violated is :

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Which of the following statement(s) is/are incorrect regarding photoelectric effect?
(i) The number of electrons ejected is proportional to the intensity of light.
(ii) There is some time lag between the striking of light beam on the metal surface and the ejection of electrons.
(iii) The kinetic energy of ejected electrons depends upon the brightness of light.
(iv) The kinetic energy of the ejected electron is proportional to the frequency of the incident radiation.

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If uncertainty in position and momentum are equal, then uncertainty in velocity is :

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Assertion : All isotopes of a given element show the same type of chemical behaviour.
Reason : The chemical properties of an atom are controlled by the number of electrons in the atom.

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Which of the following sets of quantum numbers is correct?

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Arrange the following elements in the order of ease of detection of wave properties, in the de Broglie experiment. H, Li, Be, B, K

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A 600 W mercury lamp emits monochromatic rediation of wavelength 331.3 nm. How many photons are emitted from the lamp per second ? (h = 6.626 × 10-34 Js; velocity of light= 3 × 108 ms-1)

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According to Bohr’s theory the energy required for an electron in the Li2+ ion to be emitted from n = 2 state is (given that the ground state ionization energy of hydrogen atom is
13.6 eV)

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Which of the following electronic configuration of d-orbital will have highest affinity for gaining an electron?

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The ratio between kinetic energy and the total energy of the electrons of hydrogen atom according to Bohr’s model is

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A photon of frequency v, incident upon a hydrogen atom in its ground state ionizes it and ejects the electron,which is observed to have a kinetic energy of 0.4 eV. Calculate v. (Neglect the kinetic energy of the nucleus)

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Match the columns.

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The deflection of the particles from their path in presence of electric and magnetic field will be maximum in which of the following.

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If the alpha-particles are projected against the following atoms Fe, Be, Mg, Al then increasing order in which the alpha-particle feel repulsion will be

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The five d-orbitals are designated as dxy , dyd , dxz , dx2-y2  and dz2 Choose the correct statement.

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On the basis of figure given below which of the following tatement(s) is/are correct ?

(i) At point B, when only electric field is applied.
(ii) At point C, when both electric and magnetic field is applied.
(iii) At point B, when both electric and magnetic fields are balanced.
(iv) At point C, when only magnetic field is applied.
Which of the following is/are correct?

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What will be the difference between electromagnetic radiation shown in A and B respectively ?

(i) Velocity (ii) Wavelength
(iii) Frequency (iv) Energy

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The electrons identified by quantum numbers n and l :
(A) n = 4, l = 1 (B) n = 4, l = 0
(C) n = 3, l = 2 (D) n = 3, l = 1
can be placed in order of increasing energy as :

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The number of electrons, neutrons and protons in a species are equal to 10, 8 and 8 respectively. The proper symbol of the species is

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