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What is the optimum conditions required to study the conduction of electricity through gases.

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Which one of the following is not the characteristic of Planck’s quantum theory of radiation ?

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When a metal surface is exposed to solar radiations

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The energy of electron in first energy level is - 21.79 x10-12 erg per atom. The energy of electron in second energy level is :

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Which of the following statements do not form a part of Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom ?

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Cathode rays are deflected by

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Which is the correct schematic representation of the graph of black body radiation.


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If the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation is increased to thrice the digital value, then what will be the percent change in the value of frequency of the electromagnetic radiation.

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Neutron is discovered by

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For a Bohr atom angular momentum M of the electron is (n = 0, 1, 2, .....) :

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Which of the following does not contain number of neutrons equal to that of 18Ar40 ?

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Millikan performed an experiment method to determine which of the following ?

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In the photo-electron emission, the energy of the emitted electron is

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While performing cathode ray experiments, it was observed that there was no passage of electric current under normal conditions. Which of the following can account for this observation ?

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In photoelectric effect, at which frequency electron will be ejected with certain kinetic energy (υo = threshold frequency).

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Which of the following scientists explained his model on the basis of centrifugal force ?

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The frequency of radiation emitted when the electron falls from n = 4 to n = 1 in a hydrogen atom will be (Given : ionization energy of H=2.18 ×10-18J atom–1and h = 6.625 ×10-34J s )

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Number of protons, neutrons and electrons in the element 89X231 is

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Rutherford’s experiment which established the nuclear model of the atom used a beam of

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Which is correct statement about proton ?

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Suppose beam containing all three fundamental subatomic particles are allowed to pass through an electric field as shown in figure. The subatomic particles detected at three points A, B and C on the screen respectively are ?

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The radius of 1st Bohr’s orbit for hydrogen atom is ‘r’. The radius of second Bohr’s orbit is

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Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

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The value of Planck's constant is 6.63 × 10-34 Js. The velocity of light is 3.0 × 108 m s-1. Which value is closest to the wavelength in nanometers of a quantum of light with frequency of 8 × 1015 s-1 ?

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In Bohr’s model, atomic radius of the first orbit is y, the radius of the 3rd orbit, is

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When beryllium is bombarded with alpha particles (Chadwick’s experiment) extremely penetrating radiations, which cannot be deflected by electrical or magnetic field are
given out. These are :

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Nucleons are

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Which of the scientist were able to prove that atom is no longer non-divisible?

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Which of the following pairs will have same chemical properties ?

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The ionisation potential of a hydrogen atom is –13.6 eV. What will be the energy of the atom corresponding to n = 2.

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Which of the following statements about the electron is incorrect?

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Arrange the following in terms of penetrating power. α-rays, β-rays, γ-rays

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The ideal body, which emits and absorbs radiations of all frequencies, is called a black body and the radiation emitted by such a body is called

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In a hydrogen atom, if energy of an electron in ground state is 13.6. eV, then that in the 2nd excited state is

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Which of the following properties of atom could be explained correctly by Thomson Model of atom?

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The radius of hydrogen atom in the ground state is 0.53 Å. The radius of Li2+ ion (atomic number = 3) in a similar state is

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Which of the rays are not deflected by the electric and magnetic field ?

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The energy of second Bohr orbit of the hydrogen atom is -328 kJ mol-1; hence the energy of fourth Bohr orbit would be:

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If r is the radius of the first orbit, the radius of nth orbit of H-atom is given by

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The number of electrons in [4019K]-1 is

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The number of electrons and neutrons of an element is 18 and 20 respectively. Its mass number is

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What does negative sign in the electronic energy for hydrogen atom convey.

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The first emission line of hydrogen atomic spectrum in the Balmer series appears is (R = Rydberg constant)

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From the data given below A, B, C and D respectively are,

(A) 10 e-, atomic no. 11 (B) 10 e-, atomic no. 6
(C) 10 e-, atomic no. 10 (D) 10 e-, atomic no. 9

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When atoms are bombarded with alpha particles, only, a few in million suffer deflection, others pass out undeflected. This is because

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