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If the wavelength of the first line of the Balmer series in the hydrogen spectrum is λ, then the wavelength of the first line of the Lyman series is

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Two bodies of masses m and 4m are moving with equal kinetic energies. The ratio of their linear momenta will be

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A vessel of depth x is half filled with oil of refractive index μ1 and the other half is filled with water of refractive index μ2. The apparent depth of the vessel when viewed from above is

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Consider a thermodynamic system. If ΔU represents the increase in its internal energy and W the work done by the system, which of the following statements is true ?

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Figure shows a small mass connected to a string, which is attached to a vertical post. If the ball is released when the string is horizontal as shown, the magnitude of the total acceleration of the mass as a function of the angle q is:

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Angle between magnetic meridian and geographical meridian is called

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The maximum electric field that can be held in air without producing ionisation of air is 107 V/m. The maximum potential therefore, to which a conducting sphere of radius 0.10 m can be charged in air is

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Heat is required to change 1 kg of ice of –20ºC into steam. Q1 is the heat needed to warm the ice from –20ºC to 0ºC, Q2 is the heat needed to melt the ice, Q3 is the heat needed to warm the water from 0ºC to 100ºC and Q4 is the heat needed to vaporize the water. Then

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The displacement vs time of a particle executing SHM is shown in figure. The initial phase Φ

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The electric field at a distance r from the centre in the space between two concentric metallic spherical shells of radii r1 and r2 carrying charge Q1 and Q2 is (r1 < r < r2)

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Which one of the following is NOT a correct statement about semi-conductors?

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In Young’s double-slit experiment, the separation between the slits is halved and the distance between the slits and the screen is doubled. The fringe width is

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An aeroplane flying at a constant speed releases a bomb. As the bomb moves away from the aeroplane, it will

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A cylindrical block of area of cross-section A and of material of density r is placed in a liquid of density one-third of density of block. The block compresses a spring and compression in the spring is one-third of the length of the block. If acceleration due to gravity is g, the spring constant of the spring is

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The sprinkling of water reduces slightly the temperature of a closed room because

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The moment of inertia of a regular circular disc of mass 0.4 kg and radius 100 cm about the axis perpendicular to the plane of the disc and passing through its centre is

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A point charge of magnitude + 1 μC is fixed at (0, 0, 0). An isolated uncharged spherical conductor, is fixed with its center at (4, 0, 0). The potential and the induced electric field at the centre of the sphere is :

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We have a galvanometer of resistance 25 Ω . It is shunted by a 2.5 Ω wire. The part of total current that flows through the galvanometer is

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The electric field associated with an e.m. wave in vacuum is given by E = î40 cos(kz - 6 x 108t),   where E, z and t are in volt/m, meter and seconds respectively. The value of wave vector k is

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Two equal masses m1 and m2 moving along the same straight line with velocities + 3 m/s and – 5m/s respectively, collide elastically. Their velocities after the collision will be respectively

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Upper part of a prism is cut. The ray diagram of a ray incident at first refracting surface is as shown in figure. The minimum deviation that can be produced by the prism is

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Consider a vector F = 4 i – 3 j. Another vector that is perpendicular to F is

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Light of wavelength 200 Å fall on aluminium surface. Work function of aluminium is 4.2 eV. What is the kinetic energy of the fastest emitted photoelectrons?

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The internal energy of an ideal gas increases during an isothermal process when the gas is

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A cell of internal resistance r is connected to an external resistance R. The current will be maximum in R, if

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Which of the following waves have the maximum wavelength ?

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In A.C. circuit in which inductance and capacitance are joined in series, current is found to be maximum when the value of inductance is 0.5 H and the value of capacitance is 8 μF. The angular frequency of applied alternating voltage will be

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Impedance of circuit when a resistance R and an inductor of inductance L are connected in series in an A. C. circuit of frequency n, is

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The effective capacitance of combination of equal capacitors between points A and B shown in figure is

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Masses of 1 kg each are placed 1 m, 2 m, 4 m, 8 m,..... from a point P. The gravitational field intensity at P due to these masses is

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A closed argon pipe and an open argon pipe are tuned to the same fundamental frequency. What is the ratio of their lengths?

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The P-V equation for a process of an ideal gas is given by

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The dimensions of angular momentum, latent heat and capacitance are, respectively.

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The graph (fig.) below describes the motion of a ball rebounding from a horizontal surface being released from a point above the surface. Assume the ball collides each time with the floor inelastically. The quantity represented on the yaxis is the ball's (take upward direction as positive)

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The point charges Q and –2Q are placed at some distance apart. If the electric field at the location of Q is E. Then, the electric field at the location of –2Q will be

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The angular velocities of three bodies in simple harmonic motion are ω1, ω2, ω3 with their respective amplitudes as A1, A2, A3. If all the three bodies have same mass and velocity, then

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A current carrying wire in the neighbourhood produces

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10 g of ice at 0ºC is mixed with 100 g of water at 50ºC. What is the resultant temperature of mixture?

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Heat energy absorbed by a system in going through a cycle process shown in figure is


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A radioactive sample at any instant has its disintegration rate 5000 disintegrations per minute. After 5 minutes, the rate is 1250 disintegrations per minute. Then, the decay constant (per minute) is

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Which of the following gates corresponds to the truth table given below?

A  B  Y
1  1  0
1  0  1
0  1  1
0  0  1

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The masses of the three wires of copper are in the ratio of 1 : 3 : 5 and their lengths are in the ratio of 5 : 3 : 1. The ratio of their electrical resistance is

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One end of uniform wire of length L and of weight W is attached rigidly to a point in the roof and a weight W1 is suspended from its lower end. If s is the area of cross section of the wire, the stress in the wire at a height 3L/4  from its lower end is

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A pulley of radius 2 m is rotated about its axis by a force F = (20t – 5t2) newton (where t is measured in seconds) applied tangentially. If the moment of inertia of the pulley about its axis of rotation is 10 kg-m2 the number of rotations made by the pulley before its direction of motion is reversed, is:

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The radius R of the soap bubble is doubled under isothermal condition. If T be the surface tension of soap bubble, the work done in doing so is given by

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