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When a p-n junction diode is reverse biased the flow of current across the junction is mainly due to

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The cathode of a photoelectric cell is changed such that the work function changes from W1 to W2 (W2 > W1). If the current before and after changes are I1 and I2, all other conditions remaining unchanged, then (assuming hv > W2)

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A ball of mass 150 g, moving with an acceleration 20 m/s2, is hit by a force, which acts on it for 0.1 sec. The impulsive force is

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Two coherent monochromatic light beams of intensities I and 4 I are superimposed. The maximum and minimum possible intensities in the resulting beam are

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Solar radiation emitted by sun resembles that emitted by a black body at a temperature of 6000 K. Maximum intensity is emitted at a wavelength of about 4800 Å. If the sun were to cool down from 6000 K to 3000K, then the peak intensity would occur at a wavelength

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In a compound microscope, the intermediate image is

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A particle starting from rest falls from a certain height. Assuming that the acceleration due to gravity remain the same throughout the motion, its displacements in three successive half second intervals are S1, S2 and S3 then

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For the given situation as shown in the figure, the value of θ to keep the system in equilibrium will be

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A body of mass 3 kg is under a constant force which causes a displacement s in meter in it, given by the relation s = 1/3 t2 , where t is in second. Work done by the force in 2 second is

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A uniform magnetic field acts at right angles to the direction of motion of electron. As a result, the electron moves in a circular path of radius 2 cm. If the speed of electron is doubled, then the radius of the circular path will be

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The meniscus of a liquid contained in one of the limbs of a narrow U-tube is held in an electromagnet with the meniscus in line with the field. The liquid is seen to rise. This indicates that the liquid is

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Two particles are oscillating along two close parallel straight lines side by side, with the same frequency and amplitudes. They pass each other, moving in opposite directions when their displacement is half of the amplitude. The mean positions of the two particles lie on a straight line perpendicular to the paths of the two particles. The phase difference is

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Let Ea be the electric field due to a dipole in its axial plane distant l and Eq be the field in the equatorial plane distant l', then the relation between Ea and Eq will be

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A sphere of radius R has uniform volume charge density. The electric potential at a point (r < R) is

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An engine has an efficiency of 1/6. When the temperature of sink is reduced by 62°C, its efficiency is doubled. Temperature of the source is

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Under a constant torque the angular momentum of a body changes from A to 4A in 4 second. The torque on the body will be

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The Bulk modulus for an incompressible liquid is

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The coefficient of self inductance of a solenoid is 0.18 mH. If a core of soft iron of relative permeability 900 is inserted, then the coefficient of self inductance will become nearly

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Two spherical conductors A and B of radii a and b (b>a) are placed concentrically in air. The two are connected by a copper wire as shown in figure. Then the equivalent capacitance of the system is

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A particle of mass 10 g is kept on the surface of a uniform sphere of mass 100 kg and radius 10 cm. Find the work to be done against the gravitational force between them to take the particle far away from the sphere (Take G = 6.67× 10–11Nm2/kg2)

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A mass of 2kg is whirled in a horizontal circle by means of a string at initial speed of 5 revolution per minute. Keeping the radius constant, the tension in the string is doubled. The new speed is nearly

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The height at which the acceleration due to gravity becomes g/9 (where g = the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth) in terms of R, the radius of the earth, is

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Two point dipoles of dipole moment p1 and p2 are at a distance x from each other and p1‖ p2 The force between the dipoles is :

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A particle is moving in a circle of radius r under the action of a force F = αr2 which is directed towards centre of the circle. Total mechanical energy (kinetic energy + potential energy) of the particle is (take potential energy = 0 for r = 0) :

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If unit of length and force are increased 4 times.The unit of energy

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A mass m is suspended from a spring of force constant k and just touches another identical spring fixed to the floor as shown in the figure. The time period of small oscillations is

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The kinetic theory of gases

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Two flat circular coils have a common center, but their planes are at right angles to each other.The inner coil has 150 turns and radius of π cm.The outer coil has 400 turns and a radius of 2π cm. The magnitude of the resultant magnetic induction at the common centers of the coils when a current of 200 mA is sent through each of them is

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The oscillating electric and magnetic field vectors of electromagnetic wave are oriented along

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A man is watching two trains, one leaving and the other coming with equal speed of 4 m/s. If they sound their whistles each of frequency 240 Hz, the number of beats heard by man (velocity of sound in air = 320 m/s) will be equal to

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Two wires of same material and length but crosssections in the ratio 1 : 2 are used to suspend the same loads. The extensions in them will be in the ratio of

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A vector A is rotated by a small angle Δθ radian (Δθ << 1) to get a new vector B. In that case ∣B-A∣ is :

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A transformer is employed to

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A light ray falls on a rectangular glass slab as shown. The index of refraction of the glass, if total internal reflection is to occur at the vertical face, is

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When an electron jumps from the fourth orbit to the second orbit, one gets the

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In a two dimensional motion, instantaneous speed v0 is a positive constant. Then which of the following is necessarily true?

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What is the acceleration of a projectile at its heighest point

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A coin is placed on a horizontal platform which undergoes vertical simple harmonic motion of angular frequency w. The amplitude of oscillation is gradually increased. The coin will leave contact with the platform for the first time

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A photoelectric cell is illuminated by a point source of light 1 m away. When the source is shifted to 2 m, then

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The specific heat capacity of a metal at low temperature (T) is given as Cp(kJK-1Kg-1) = 32(T/400)3 .A 100 g vessel of this metal is to be cooled from 20 K to 4 K by a special refrigerator operating at room temperature (27°C). The amount of work required to cool in vessel is

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When a wave travels in a medium the particles displacement is given by the equation y = 0.03 sin π(2t – 0.01x), where x and y are in seconds. The wavelength of the wave is

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An electric bulb marked 40 W and 200V, is used in a circuit of supply voltage 100V. Now its power is

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The current I drawn from the 5 volt source will be

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Two identical galvanometers are taken, one is to be converted into an ammeter and other into a milliammeter. Shunt of milliammeter compared to ammeter is

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The moment of inertia of a disc of mass m and radius R about an axis, which is tangential to the circumference of the disc and parallel to its diameter is

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