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(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 1 Hour and Questions Paper Contains 30 Questions. The Max. Marks are 120.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer reduces your effort. 

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Torques τ1 and τ2 are required for a magnetic needle to remain perpendicular to the magnetic fields at two different places. The magnetic fields at the those places are B1 and B2 respectively; then ratio B1/B2

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When Uranium is bombarded with neutrons, it undergoes fission. The fission reaction can be written as :92U235 + 0n1 → 56Ba141 + 36Kr92 + 3x +Q(energy), where three particles named x are produced and energy Q is released. What is the name of the particle x ?

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If a tiny test charge, is placed in a cavity, a region in between the molecules of a dielectric, will experience a force equal to its charge times

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The rectangular surface of area 8 cm × 4 cm of a black body at temperature 127°C emits energy E per second. If the length and breadth are reduced to half of the initial value and the temperature is raised to 327°C, the rate of emission of energy becomes

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A coil having n turns and resistance RΩ is connected with a galvanometer of resistance 4RΩ. This combination is moved in time t seconds from a magnetic field W1 weber to W2 weber. The induced current in the circuit is

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The transverse displacement y (x, t) of a wave is given by e-(ax2 + bt2 + 2√(ab)xt) 

This represents a:

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A hydrogen atom emits green light when it changes from n = 4 energy level to the n = 2 level. Which colour of light would the atom emit when it changes from n = 5 level to the n=2 level?

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A particle of charge 16 × 10-16 C moving with velocity 10 ms-1 along x-axis enters a region where magnetic field of induction B is along the y-axis and an electric field of magnitude 104 Vm-1 is along the negative z-axis. If the charged particle continues moving along x-axis, the magnitude of B is :

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A 20 cm long capillary tube is dipped in water. The water rises up to 8 cm. If the entire arrangement is put in a freely falling elevator the length of water column in the capillary tube will be

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The earth’s magnetic field lines resemble that of a dipole at the centre of the earth. If the magnetic moment of this dipole is close to 8 × 1022 Am2, the value of earth’s magnetic field near the equator is close to (radius of the earth = 6.4 × 106 m)

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Given that K = energy, V = velocity, T = time. If they are chosen as the fundamental units, then what is dimensional formula for surface tension?

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A slender uniform rod of mass M and length l is pivoted at one end so that it can rotate in a vertical plane (see figure). There is negligible friction at the pivot. The free end is held vertically above the pivot and then released. The angular acceleration of the rod when it makes an angle θ with the vertical is

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The radiation corresponding to 3→2 transition of hydrogen atom falls on a metal surface to produce photoelectrons. These electrons are made to enter a magnetic field of 3 × 10-4 T. If the radius of the
largest circular path followed by these electrons is 10.0 mm, the work function of the metal is close to:

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The potential energy of a 1 kg particle free to move along the x-axis is given by V(x) = (x4/4 - x2/2) J. The total mechanical energy of the particle is 2 J. Then, the maximum speed (in m/s) is

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A Carnot freezer takes heat from water at 0°C inside it and rejects it to the room at a temperature of 27°C. The latent heat of ice is 336 × 103 J kg-1. If 5 kg of water at 0°C is converted into ice at 0°C by the freezer, then the energy consumed by the freezer is close to :

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Three charges of (+ 2q), (– q) and (– q) are placed at the corners A, B and C of the equilateral triangle of side a as shown in the given figure. Then the dipole moment of this combination is

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What should be the maximum acceptance angle at the air core interface of an optical fibre if n1 and n1 are the refractive indices of the core and the cladding, respectively

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A system of four gates is set up as shown. The ‘truth table’ corresponding to this system is :

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How many degree of freedom the gas molecules have if under STP the gas density ρ=1.3 kg/m2 and the velocity of sound propagation in it is 330 m/sec

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A satellite is revolving round the earth with velocity v. The minimum percentage increase in its velocity necessary for the escape of satellite will be

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The work function of a metallic surface is 5.01 eV, photoelectrons are emitted when light of wavelength 2000Å falls on it. The minimum potential difference required to stop the fastest photoelectrons (h = 4.14 × 10-15 eV–s)

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A particle of mass m is under a potential v(x) = (1/2) k1x2 for x > 0 and v(x) = k1x2 for x < 0. When disturbed a little from the position x = 0, it will

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A thin sheet of glass (μ = 1.5) of thickness 6 microns introduced in the path of one of interfering beams in a double slit experiment shifts the central fringe to a position previously occupied by fifth bright fringe. Then the wave length of the light used is

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Radioactive material 'A' has decay constant '8 λ' and material 'B' has decay constant 'λ'. Initially they have same number of nuclei. After what time, the ratio of number of nuclei of material 'B' to that 'A' will be 1/e

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In an A.C. circuit with voltage V and current I the power dissipated

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Two fixed frictionless inclined planes making an angle 30° and 60° with the vertical are shown in the figure. Two blocks A and B are placed on the two planes. What is the relative vertical acceleration of A with respect to B ?

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A ball projected from ground at an angle of 45° just clears a wall in front. If point of projection is 4 m from the foot of wall and ball strikes the ground at a distance of 6 m on the other side of the wall, the height of the wall is :

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A stuntman plans to run across a roof top and horizontally jumps on to another roof 4.9 m below the first one and at a distance of 6.2 m away. What is the minimum velocity, he must have before the jump ?

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Inside a cylinder closed at both ends is a movable piston. On one side of the piston is a mass m of a gas, and on the other side a mass 2m of the same gas. What fraction of volume of the cylinder will be occupied by the larger mass of the gas when the piston is in equilibrium? The temperature is the same throughout.

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Two batteries, two resistors and two condensers are connected as shown. The charge on 2μF capacitor is

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