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(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 1 Hour and Questions Paper Contains 30 Questions. The Max. Marks are 120.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer reduces your effort. 

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In what manner will increase of pressure effect the following equilibrium?

C(s) + H2O(g) ⇌ CO(g) + H2 (g)

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The relationship between the values of osmotic pressures of solutions obtained by dissolving 6.00 g L–1 of CH3COOH (p1) and 7.45 g L–1 of KCl (π2) is

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In the preparation of p-nitro acetanilide from aniline titration is not done by nitrating mixture (a mixture of conc. H2SO4 and conc. HNO3) because


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For a reaction, A(g) → A(l); ΔH= –3RT. The correct statement for the reaction is :

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Dipole moment is shown by

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Which of the following is non-aromatic?

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In the reaction I+  I-  →  I3-  the Lewis acid is

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Which is the only compound which is deactivating yet ortho-para directing when attached to benzene ring?

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If the energy of an electron moving in orbit no. 1 is given by ‘E’, then energy of an electron in orbit no. 2 of Li2+ (z = 3) is given by

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50 mL of 0.2 M ammonia solution is treated with 25 mL of 0.2 M HCl. If pKb of ammonia solution is 4.75, the pH of the mixture will be :

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The amount of arsenic pentasulphide that can be obtained when 35.5 g arsenic acid is treated with excess H2S in the presence of conc. HCl (assuming 100% conversion) is :

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AgBr dissolves in Na2S2O3 solution and forms (A). On boiling an aquous solution of (A), a ppt. (B) is obtained. The colour of B is

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Match the items in Column I with its main use listed in Column II:

Column I_______ Column II
(A) Silica gel ........(i) Transistor
(B) Silicon ...........(ii) Ion–exchanger
(C) Silicone........ (iii) Drying agent
(D) Silicate .........(iv) Sealant

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Which of the following compounds is most reactive to an aqueous solution of sodium carbonate ?

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What is the value of x in the following complex?

Consider the oxidation state of Cobalt in the complex same as that of iron in K3[Fe(CN)6]?

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Which of the following has highest boiling point?

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KMnO4 reacts with oxalic acid as : MnO4- + H+  → Mn2+ + CO2 + H2O Hence, 50 ml of 0.04 M KMnO4 is acidic medium is chemically equivalent to

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A laboratory reagent imparts green colour to the flame. On heating with solid K2Cr2O7 and conc. H2SO4 it evolves a red gas. Identify the reagent

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Which of the following does not give effervescences of CO2 with aq. NaHCO3 solution?

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Which of the following will be most reactive towards nucleophillic substitution.

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The hydrogen electrode is dipped in a solution of pH = 3 at 25ºC. The potential of the cell would be

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What is the structure of the major product when phenol is treated with bromine water ?

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At 300 K, the density of a certain gaseous molecule at 2 bar is double to that of dinitrogen (N2) at 4 bar. The molar mass of gaseous molecule is :

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Ozone reacts with dry iodine to give

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The rate of a reaction quadruples when the temperature changes from 300 to 310 K. The activation energy of this reaction is : (Assume activation energy and pre-exponential factor are independent of temperature; ln 2 = 0.693; R = 8.314 J mol–1 K–1)

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Reduction of esters with sodium and alcohol is referred to as

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An alloy of copper, silver and gold is found to have copper constituting the ccp lattice. If silver atoms occupy the edge centres and gold is present at body centre the alloy has a formula

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p-Chloroaniline and anilinium hydrochloride can be distinguished by

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