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Important Instructions:

(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 1 Hour and Questions Paper Contains 30 Questions. The Max. Marks are 120.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer reduces your effort. 

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The electrode potential of Mg2+/ Mg electrode, in which conc. of Mg2+ is 0.01M, is (E0Mg2+/Mg = -2.36V)

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Among the following compounds (I-III) the correct order of reactivity with electrophile is


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Consider the reaction: H2SO3(aq) + Sn4+(aq) +H2O(l )→Sn2+(aq)+ HSO4-(aq) +3H+ (aq)

Which of the following statements is correct?

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One desires to prepare a positively charged sol of silver iodide. This can be achieved by

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The process of the extraction of Au and Ag is based on their solubility in

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Which of the following species involves sp3 hybridisation?

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Which of the following statement is wrong ?

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(i) HCN(aq) + H2O(l) ⇌  H3O+(aq)  + CN –(aq)  Ka = 6.2 × 10–10

(ii) CN(aq)  + H2O(l) ⇌  HCN(aq)   + OH (aq) Kb = 1.6 × 10–5.

These equilibria show the following order of the relative base strength,

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Which of the following complexes will give white precipitate with BaCl2 (aq)?

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The enthalpy of combustion of H2(g), to give H2O(g) is –249 kJ mol–1 and bond enthalpies of H – H and O = O are 433 kJ mol–1 and 492 kJ mol–1 respectively. The bond enthalpy of O – H is

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An organic compound (A) reacts with sodium metal and forms (B). On heating with conc. H2SO4, (A) gives diethyl ether, (A) and (B) are

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The freezing point of a solution, prepared from 1.25 gm of a non-electrolyte and 20 gm of water, is 271.9 K. If molar depression constant is 1.86 K mole–1, then molar mass of the solute will be

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In recovery of silver from photographic film, you have decided to dissolve the silver ion with dilute nitric acid. Addition of dilute HCl to precipitate AgCl seems to result in unacceptable losses. You might improve recovery by addition of_______ in the latter step.

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Which of the following is true?

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Which one of the following esters cannot undergo Claisen self-condensation?

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Which of the following compounds having
highest and lowest melting point respectively ?
(1) CsF (2) LiF
(3) HCl (4) HF
Correct answer is

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An unknown alochol is treated with the “Lucas reagent” to determine whether the alcohol is primary, secondary or tertiary. Which alcohol reacts fastest and by what mechanism :

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In an atom how many orbital(s) will have the quantum numbers; n = 3, l = 2 and ml = + 2 ?

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In the reaction,

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Four species are listed below:

i. HCO3ii. H3Oiii. HSO4iv. HSO3F

Which one of the following is the correct sequence of their acid strength?

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In the reaction of KMnO4 with an oxalate in acidic medium, MnO4- is reduced to Mn2+ and  C2O42-    is oxidised to CO2. Hence, 50 mL of 0.02 M KMnO4 is equivalent to

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The appearance of colour in solid alkali meta halides is generally due to:

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An azeotropic mixture of two liquids boil at a lower temperature than either of them when

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Which one of the following substituents at para-position is most effective in stabilizing the phenoxide

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Lassaigne’s test for nitrogen is positive for which compound?

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At very high pressures, the compressibility factor of one mole of a gas is given by :

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Which of the following undergoes hydrolysis by SN1 mechanism :

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Silver bromide when dissolve in hypo solution gives complex ..... in which oxidation state of silver is ....

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Alkali metals dissolve in liquid NH3 then which of the following observations is not true?

Your score is

The average score is 32%


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