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Important Instructions:

(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 1 Hour and Questions Paper Contains 30 Questions. The Max. Marks are 120.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer reduces your effort. 

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A wedding ring presented to a bride contains 788 mg of gold and rest diamond. If the ring weighs 1 g the bride receives (At wt : Au = 197, C = 12)

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A metal X on heating in nitrogen gas gives Y.Y on treatment with H2O gives a colourless gas which when passed through CuSO4 solution gives a blue colour. Y is

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The electrolyte most effective for bringing about coagulation of Fe (OH)3 sol is

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Zirconium phosphate [Zr3(PO4)4] dissociates into three zirconium cations of charge + 4 and four phosphate anions of charge – 3. If molar solubility of zirconium phosphate is denoted by S and its solubility product by Ksp then which of the following relationship between S and Ksp is correct?

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The repeating units of acrilan are


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Which of the following has a shape different from others?

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The final product of the following sequence of reactions

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In the following compounds,

the order of acidity is

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The standard reduction potential for Cu2+/Cu is + 0.34. Calculate the reduction potential at pH = 14 for the above couple. (Ksp Cu(OH)2 = 1 × 10–19)

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Which one of the following is an example of coordination isomerism ?

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Potassium dichromate when heated with concentrated sulphuric acid and a soluble chloride, gives brown-red vapours of :

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In which of the following cases, the stability of two oxidation states is correctly represented

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A current of 2.0A when passed for 5 hours through a molten metal salt deposits 22.2g of metal of atomic weight 177.The oxidation state of the metal in the metal salt is

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The catenation tendency of C, Si and Ge is in the order Ge < Si < C. The bond energies (in kJmol– l) of C – C, Si – Si and Ge –Ge bonds are respectively;

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If the shortest wavelength in Lyman series of hydrogen atom is A, then the longest wavelength in Paschen series of He+ is :

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A and B in the reaction,

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Urea and hydrazine react to form ammonia gas along with compound X which reacts with aldehydes and ketones to form specific crystalline derivatives. X is

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The IUPAC name of

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Chlorobenzne reacts with trichloro acetaldehyde in the presence of H2SO4.

The major product formed is:

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The solution containing 4.0 % PVC in one litre of dioxane was found to have osmotic pressure of 6.0 x 10–4 atm at 300 K. The molecular mass of polymer is

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For a chemical reaction X → Y, the rate of reaction increases by a factor of 1.837 when the concentration of X is increased by 1.5 times. The order of the reaction with respect to X is

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The intermediate formad during the addition of HCl to propene in the presence of peroxide is

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The main product of the following reaction is


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The reaction of

with HBr gives

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Final product (D) formed in the following reaction sequence is

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Oxidation of succinate ion produces ethylene and carbon dioxide gases. On passing 0.2 Faraday electricity through an aqueous solution of potassium succinate, the total volume of gases (at both cathode and anode) at STP (1 atm and 273 K) is :

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M2SO(M+ is a monovalent metal ion) has a Ksp of 3.2 x 10–5 at 298 K. The maximum concentration of SO4–2 ion that could be attained in a saturated solution of this solid at 298 K is

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Di-n-propyl ether and diallyl ether can be distinguished by

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A gaseous mixture of three gases A, B and C has a pressure of 10 atm. The total number of moles of all the gases is 10. If the partial pressures of A and B are 3.0 and 1.0 atm respectively and if ‘C’ has mol. wt of 2.0 what is the weight of ‘C’ in g present in the mixture.

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A solution containing As3+, Cd2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ is made alkaline with dilute NH4OH and treated with H2S. The precipitate obtained will consist of

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