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(1) There is only one correct option.

(2) Duration of Test is 1 Hour and Questions Paper Contains 45 Questions. The Max. Marks are 180.

(3) Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Guessing of answer reduces your effort. 

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Which of the following is not true ?

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For preparing a buffer solution of pH 6 by mixing sodium acetate and acetic acid, the ratio of the concentration of salt and acid should be (Ka = 10-5)

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The electronegativity follows the order

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The amine that does not react with acetyl chloride is

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Which one of the following pairs of molecules will have permanent dipole moments for both members?

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Dissolving 120 g of a compound of (mol. wt. 60) in 1000 g of water gave a solution of density 1.12 g/mL. The molarity of the solution is:

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Complete hydrolysis of starch gives :

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Which of the following is not formed when glycerol reacts with HI?

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The structure and hybridization of Si(CH3)4 is

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Addition of HI to double bond of propene yields isopropyl iodide and not n-propyl iodide as the major product, because addition proceeds throughs

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The cell constant of a given cell is 0.47 cm-1. The resistance of a solution placed in this cell is measured to be 31.6 ohm. The conductivity of the solution (in S cm-1 where S has usual meaning) is

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An example of Perkin’s reaction is

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The value of the ‘spin only’ magnetic moment for one of the following configurations is 2.84 BM. The correct one is

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The ether that undergoes electrophilic substitution reactions is

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Consider the following changes

A→A+ + e- : E1 and A+→A+e-  :

The energy required to pull out the two electrons
are E1 and E2 respectively. The correct
relationship between two energies would be

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BCl3 is a planar molecule whereas NCl3 is pyramidal because

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For a reaction of type A + B→ products , it is observed that doubling concentration of A causes the reaction rate to be four times as great, but doubling amount of B does not affect the rate. The rate equation is

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An organic compound, C3H6O does not give a precipitate with 2, 4 dinitrophenyl-hydrazine reagent and does not react with metallic sodium. It could be

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An element has bcc strucutre having unit cells 12.08×1023. The number of atoms in these cells is

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At 00 C and one atm pressure, a gas occupies 100 cc. If the pressure is increased to one and a half-time and temperature is increased by one third of absolute temperature, then final volume of the gas will be

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A solution is prepared by mixing 8.5 g of CH2Cl2 and 11.95 g of CHCl3. If vapour pressure of CH2Cl2 and CHCl2 at 298 K are 415 and 200 mmHg respectively, the mole fraction of CHCl2 in vapour form is :
(Molar mass of Cl = 35.5 g mol-1)

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From the following statements regarding H2O2, choose the incorrect statement :

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The major organic compound formed by the reaction of 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane with silver powder is:

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Which of the following is a redox reaction ?

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Match list I with list II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

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Beilstein’s test is given by which of the following

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N2 and O2 are converted into monoanions, N2- and O2- respectively. Which of the following statements is wrong ?

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Point out the false statement

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In which of the following, resonance will be possible?

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In a reaction A + B ⇌ C + D, the initial concentrations, of A and B were 0.9 mol dm-3 each. At equilibrium the concentration of D was found to be 0.6 mol dm-3 . What is the value of equilibrium constant for the reaction

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Standard entropy of X2, Y2 and X Y3 are 60, 40 and 50 J K-1 mol-1, respectively. For the reaction,

1/2X2+3/2Y2 →X Y3 ΔH=–30kJ to be at equilibrium, the temperature will be

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Which one of the following statement is not true

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1.08 g of pure silver was converted into silver nitrate and its solution was taken in a beaker. It was electrolysed using platinum cathode and silver anode. 0.01 Faraday of electricity was passed using 0.15 volt above the decomposition potential of silver. The silver content of the beaker after the above shall be

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The plot shows the variation of – ln Kp versus temperature for the two reactions

M(s) +1/2O2(g) →MO(s) and C(s) 1/2O2 (g) →CO(s)

Identify the correct statement:

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The end product (C) in the following sequence of reactions is

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CsCl crystallises in body centered cubic lattice. If ‘a’ is its edge length then which of the following expressions is correct?

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An unknown metal M displaces nickel from nickel (II) sulphate solution but does not displace manganese from manganese sulphate solution. Which order represents the correct order of reducing power?

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Indicate the wrongly named compound


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Number of electrons transfered in each case when KMnO4 acts as an oxidising agent to give MnO2 ,Mn2+, Mn(OH)3 and 24 MnO42-  are respectively

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The standard enthalpy of formation (ΔfH°298) for methane, CH4 is – 74.9 kJ mol–1. In order to calculate the average energy given out in the formation of a C – H bond from this it is necessary to know which one of the following?

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At STP, the order of root mean square speed of molecules H2, N2, O2 and HBr is

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The radius of the second Bohr orbit for hydrogen
atom is :
(Plank's const. h = 6.6262 × 10-34 Js ; mass of
electron = 9.1091 × 10-31 kg ; charge of electron
e = 1.60210 × 10-19 C ; permittivity of vaccum
Î0 = 8.854185 × 10-12 kg-1 m-3 A2)

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The compound A on heating gives a colourless gas. and a residue which dissolves in water to give B. When excess of CO2 is passed into B and gently heated, A is formed. The compound A is

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Which of the following is a biodegradable polymer ?

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The activation energy for a hypothetical reaction, A → Product, is 12.49 kcal/mole. If temperature is raised from 295 to 305, the rate of reaction increased by

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