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Which one of the following complexes will consume more equivalents of aqueous solution of AgNO3?

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Among the following compounds (I - III), the ease of their reaction with electrophiles is,

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In which of the following regions hydrogen and helium are found

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Equivalent conductance of an electrolyte containing NaF at infinite dilution is 90.1 Ohm-1cm2. If NaF is replaced by KF what is the value of equivalent conductance?

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Fe3+ (aq) + e- → Fe2+ (aq); E0 = + 0.77 V

Al3+ (aq) + 3e- → Al(s); E0 = – 1.66 V

Br2(aq) + 2e- → 2Br-; E0 = + 1.09 V

Considering the electrode potentials, which of the following represents the correct order of reducing power?

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The correct order of ionic radii of Y3+, La3+, Eu3+ and Lu3+ is

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A compound A with molecular formula C10H13Cl gives a white precipitate on adding silver nitrate solution. A on reacting with alcoholic KOH gives compound B as the main product. B on ozonolysis gives C and D. C gives Cannizzaro reaction but not aldol condensation. D gives aldol condensation but not Cannizzaro reaction. A is :

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If 0.1 M of a weak acid is taken, and its percentage of degree of ionization is 1.34%, then its ionization constant will be :

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The pKa of an amino acid is 9.15. At what pH amino acid is 5% dissociated ?

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Mac Arthur process is used for the extraction of:

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The basicity of aniline is less than that of cyclohexylamine. This is due to

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MnO42-(1 mole) in neutral aqueous medium disproportionates to

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T50 of first -order reaction is 10 min. Starting with 10 mol L-1, rate after 20 min is

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The chemical system that is non-aromatic is

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Which of the following is a broad spectrum drug?

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H3BO2 is

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0.45 g of acid of molecular weight 90 was neutralized by 20 ml. of a 0.5N caustic potash. The basicity of an acid is

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Which of the following organometallic compound is σ and π bonded?

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The enthalpy of combustion of C6H6 is –3250 kJ, when 0.39 gm of C6H6 is burnt in excess of oxygen in an open vessel, the amount of heat evolved is

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AB; crystallizes in a body centred cubic lattice with edge length ‘a’ equal to 387 pm. The distance between two oppositely charged ions in the lattice is :

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The r.m.s velocity of hydrogen is √7 times the r.m.s velocity of nitrogen. If T is the temperature of the gas , then

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Among the following complexes, optical activity is possible in

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Which of the following statement is false ?

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The correct order of the decreasing ionic radii among the following isoelectronic species are :

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In diamond crystal, each carbon atom is linked with carbon atoms? The number of carbon atoms linked is :

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The correct order of thermal stability of hydroxides is:

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The cation that will not be precipitated by H2S in the presence of dil. HCl is :

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An organic compound X (molecular formula C6H7O2N) has six carbon atoms in a ring system, two double bonds and a nitro group as substituent, X is

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Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding dehydrohalogenation of alkenes ?


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The following equilibrium constants are given:

N2 +3H2⇌2NH3; K1

N2 +O2⇌2NO; K2

H2+0.5O2⇌H2O; K2

The equilibrium constant for the oxidation of NH3 by oxygen to give NO is


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A compound on treatment with NaOH followed by addition of Ag NO3 produces white precipitate at room temperature. The precipitate is soluble in NH4OH. The compound is identified as

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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?
(i) The atomic and ionic radii of alkaline earth metals are smaller than those of the corresponding alkali metals in the same periods.
(ii) Second ionisation enthalpies of the alkaline earth metals are smaller than those of the corresponding alkali metals.
(iii) Compounds of alkaline earth metals are more extensively hydrated than those of alkali metals

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The reagent (s) which can be used to distinguish acetophenone from benzophenone is (are)

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Haemoglobin contains 0.334% of iron by weight. The molecular weight of haemoglobin is approximately 67200. The number of iron atoms (at. wt. of Fe is 56) present in one molecule of haemoglobin are

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Formation of a solution from two components can be considered as

(i) pure solvent → separated solventmolecules, ΔH1

(ii) pure solute ® separated solute molecules, ΔH2

(iii) separated solvent and solute molecules→ solution, ΔH3

Solution so formed will be ideal if

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Match the columns

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The ortho/para directing group among the following is :

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In the froth floatation process for the purification of ores, the ore particles float because

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The enthalpies of the following reactions are shown below.

0.5H2(g) + 0.5O2(g) → OH(g) ;

ΔH = 42.09 kJ mol-1

H2(g) → 2H(g) ; ΔH = 435.89 kJ mol–1
O2(g) → 2O(g) ; ΔH = 495.05 kJ mol–1
Calculate the O –– H bond energy for the hydroxyl radical.

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SnO2 is taken in basic medium and current is passed. Colloidal sol migrates towards

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Benzoic acid gives benzene on being heated with X and phenol gives benzene on being heated with Y. Therefore X and Y are respectively

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For the cell

Zn|Zn2+ (1M) || Cu2+ (1M)|Cu, E0cell  is 1.10 V, E0Cu2+/Cu = 0.34V and for the cell Cu | Cu2+ (1M) || Ag+ (1M) | Ag, E°cell = 0.46V hence, E°cell of the cell Zn | Zn2+(1M) || Ag+ (1M) | Ag is

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Which of the following statements(s) is/are incorrect?

(i) Only (1/8)th portion of an atom located at corner of a cubic unit cell is its neighbouring unit cell.
(ii) Total number of atoms per unit cell for a face centered cubic unit cell is 3 .
(iii) Atom located at the body center is shared between two adjacent unit cells.

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Elements X, Y and Z have atomic numbers 19, 37 and 55 respectively. Which of the following statements is true about them ?

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In which of the following is there a consistent decrease in atomic radius as the atomic number increases?

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