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(2) Duration of Test is 1 Hour and Questions Paper Contains 45 Questions. The Max. Marks are 180.

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Arrange the following compounds in order of decreasing acidity :

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Read the following statements carefully.

(i) According to a convention cell potential of hydrogen electrode (S.H.E.) is considered to be zero at all temperatures.

(ii) e.m.f. of the cell Pt(s)/H2(g, 1 bar)/H+ (aq, 1 M) || Zn2+ (aq,1M) / Zn is – 0.76. This negative value indicates that Zn2+ ion reduces less easily then Hions.

(iii) Copper does not dissolve in HCl but dissolves in HNO3 as in nitric acid it gets oxidised by nitrate ion.

(iv) Inert metals like Pt or Au are used in certain electrodes i.e., these metals does not participate in reaction but provide surface for oxidation and reduction reactions.
(v) Fluorine has the highest electrode potential thereby making it strongest oxidising agent whereas lithium with lowest electrode potential is the weakest oxidising and strongest reducing agent.
Which of the following are the correct statements above.

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The correct order of radii is

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For orthorhombic system axial ratios are a ≠b≠c and the axial angles are

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Which of the following statement is correct if the intermolecular forces in liquids A, B and C are in the order A < B < C?

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Consider the following complex


The coordination number, oxidation number, number of d-electrons and number of unpaired d-electrons on the meal are respectively

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AB, A2 and B2 are diatomic molecules. If the bond enthalpies ofA2 , AB and B2 are in the ratio 1:1 :0.5 and enthalpy of formation of AB from A2 and B2 is –100 kJ mol–1 . What is the bond energy of A2 :

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Geometrical isomerism is not shown by

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A, has a rate constant 6 min–1. If we start with [A] = 0.5 mol L–1, when would [A] reach the value of 0.05 mol L–1

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Match List I (Reaction) with List II (Reagent) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

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The important antioxidant used in food is

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Beryllium shows diagonal relationship with aluminium. Which of the following similarity is incorrect :

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Which of the following statements are correct regarding the above reduction of benzaldehyde to benzyl alcohol?

(i) One hydrogen is coming from H2O as H+ and another from C6H5CHO as H

(ii) One hydrogen is coming from H2O as Hand another from C6H5CHO as H+

(iii) One hydrogen from H2O and another from C6H5CHO, both in the form of H–

(iv) The reduction is an example of disproportionation reaction

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Which of the following equilibria will shift to right side on increasing the temperature?

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Which of the following crystals does not exhibit Frenkel defect?

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1s7 it would have energy lower than that of the normal ground state configuration 1s2 2s2 2p3 because the electrons would be closer to the nucleus. Yet 1s7 is not observed. It violates

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An aqueous solution of sucrose, C12H22O11, containing 34.2 g has an osmotic pressure of 2.38 atmospheres at 17°C. For an aqueous  solution of glucose, C6H12O6 to be isotonic with this solution, it would have

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(n -1)d10ns2 is the general electronic configuration of

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Values of dissociation constant, Ka are given as follows :

Correct order of increasing base strength of the base CN, F and NO2will be :


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Consider the following reaction :

Which of the following are the correct statements.

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Read the following statements and choose the correct option

(i) The numerical value of the equilibrium constant for a reaction indicates the extent of the reaction.

(ii) An equilibrium constant give information about the rate at which the equilibrium is reached.

(iii) If Kc > 103, products predominate over reactants, i.e., if Kc is very large, the reaction proceeds nearly to completion.

(iv) If Kc < 10–3, reactants predominate over products, i.e., if Kc is very small, the reaction proceeds rarely.

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The de Broglie wavelength of a tennis ball of mass 60 g moving with a velocity of 10 m/s is approximately

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Brine is electrolysed by using inert electrodes.The reaction at anode is ________.

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Which of the following statements are correct ?

(i) Ionic product of water (Kw) = [H+] [OH] =10–14M2

(ii) At 298K [H+] = [OH] = 10–7

(iii) Kw does not depends upon temperature

(iv) Molarity of pure water = 55.55M

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Which is colourless in water?

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Sodium Carbonate cannot be used in place of (NH4)2CO3 for the identification of Ca2+, Ba2+ and Sr2+ ions (in group V) during mixture analysis because :

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The solubility product of AgI at 25°C is 1.0 × 10–16 mol2 L–2. The solubility of AgI in 10–4N solution of KI at 25°C is approximately (in mol L–1)

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Schotten-Baumann reaction is a reaction of phenols with

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The reducing power of divalent species decreases in the order

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The number of antibonding electron pairs in O22- molecular ion on the basis of molecular orbital theory are (at. no. O = 8)

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The fatty acid which shows reducing property is

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Structurally biodegrdable detergent should contain

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Aromatic character of benzene is proved by

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Consider the following reaction at 1000°C

A . Zn(s) + 1/2O (g) → ZnO(s); ΔG° = -360kJmol-1

B. C(gr) + 1/2O2(g) CO(g); ΔG° = -460 kJmol–1

Choose the correct statement at 1000°C

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The transition metals have a less tendency to form ions due to

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Which one of the following is the correct statement?

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Which of the following statements about low density polythene is FALSE?

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Which of the following statements is not correct regarding aniline?

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RNA is different from DNA because RNA contains

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Teflon, styron and neoprene are all

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Prevention of corrosion of iron by Zn coating is called

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When cyclohexane is poured on water, it floats, because

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Match the columns

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According to the adsorption theory of catalysis, the speed of the reaction increases because

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